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A career at Showcase Restoration offers tremendous advantages, such as the extraordinarily significant work we do putting families and businesses back to pre-loss condition, if not better. Every day at Showcase Restoration we have the opportunity to work with people that have had disasters and need help getting back in their homes. At Showcase Restoration, the work you do truly makes a difference every single day. As part of helping you make an informed decision about becoming a Water Damage Restoration Technician, we want you to better understand this dynamic role. Are you ready to become a Water Damage Restoration Technician at Showcase Restoration family?



Under the direction of the Production Manager, the Mitigation Manager organizes, schedules and oversees multiple EMS projects and crew(s) in the remediation of damaged property whether from a water loss, a fire loss, or one of the covered perils payable by insurance companies or so instructed. The Mitigation Manager will be one of the first on the scene and ready to assist the owner/insured in the emergency services to protect any property from further damage. Helps coordinate the work project between the Project Manager and the Estimator. Ensures the property is being remediated properly during remediation process. Organizes the work project and coordinates the various complex aspects of the EMS portion of the restoration process.

Specific Duties:

  • Responsible for all EMS claims including water mitigation where mechanical drying is required, board up, tarp up, etc. Ensure all forms are completed from start to finish. (ESSENTIAL)

  • Fully trained in EMS processes including full knowledge and understanding of the EMS Crew Leader (EMSCL) and EMS Technician (EMST) responsibilities and duties (refer to individual job descriptions). Progressively cross-trained in Mitigation Manger responsibilities as the opportunity arises. Work with Production Manager to ensure sufficient time is provided for training and that crew members are properly cross-trained. Directs Mitigation Manager in areas to be trained. Provides guidelines and checklists from SOP as needed. Performs training as necessary. (ESSENTIAL)

  • Starts job by being first onsite or communicating with first individual onsite (Estimator, etc.). Ensures the work authorization and mortgage information is properly filled out and that a deductible is collected. (ESSENTIAL)

  • Ends job by ensuring remediation has been completed properly, deems dry when applicable and completes all paperwork including obtaining the completion certificate and survey at the completion of the job. (ESSENTIAL)

  • Assesses the damage and makes notes of the condition by taking before and after pictures each time visits jobsite, recording data, and making sure the proper forms are filled out by himself or the EMS Crew Leader, as applicable. Completes daily job checklists. (ESSENTIAL)

  • Plans the proper way to dry the structure and instructs the EMS Crew Leader (EMSCL) and/or EMS Technician (EMST). (ESSENTIAL)

  • If it is a water loss, ensures the EMS Crew Leader has properly recorded moisture levels, relative humidity levels, dew points, grains per pounds, etc. and follows the proper way to dry a structure. (ESSENTIAL)

  • If it is a fire or smoke loss, ensures the property is secured and that there is no more damage.

  • It is the responsibility of the Mitigation Manager to ensure that the structure is secure and safe of any loss that a homeowner hires us. Must always protect the property from further damage. The Mitigation Manger must instruct the homeowner in what is required and what is needed of to protect the property. BOTTOM LINE IS PROTECT THE PROPERTY AND PREVENT FURTHER DAMAGE. COMMUNICATE WITH THE HOMEOWNER, THE ADJUSTER, OUR PROJECT MANAGER, OUR ESTIMATORS, AND OUR EMPLOYEES.

  • At the site of the loss, notifies the adjuster of the actions that Showcase Restoration will take and seeks permission immediately or on the first business day after the loss.

  • Note any special problems and addresses as needed.

  • Abide by the company policies for mold remediation.

  • Checks in regularly (daily if possible) at all project jobsites to ensure that employees have been directed properly in the EMS assignments and ensure that proper EMS methods are in use. (ESSENTIAL)

  • Ensures the EMS Crew Leader has taken before and after pictures throughout the process, made notes of damaged items and uploaded the pictures to Image Library. Addresses questions, discrepancies, and unusual conditions brought to his/her attention by the EMSCL or EMST as they arise. (Mitigation Manager may perform these steps as needed).

  • Maintain the mitigation schedule for multiple projects. Make sure projects stay on or ahead of schedule. (ESSENTIAL)

  • Provide hands-on production for all mitigation projects from start to finish including performing any duties delegated to the EMSCL or EMST in their absence. Ensure we are following IICRC specifications.



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